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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bajaj Pulsar 220

Bajaj India has come up with another facelift, this time it is their flagship bike - Pulsar 220. The new Bajaj Pulsar 220 F is reported to the fastest Indian bike ever built. Bajaj team has successfully reached the top speed of 144 kmph and thus made the bike as the fastest bike in the country . New Pulsar 220cc's gear ratio is optimized to achieve the top speed. Also Pulsar 220 F has been priced very competitively to its main rivals - Yamaha R15 & Karizma ZMR.
Bajaj has also launched the Street version of Pulsar 220 which has been priced around Rs. 3000/- than the Faired verison. Click here for more details of Bajaj Pulsar 220 S
Though Pulsar is not technically advanced like R15 & ZMR but if you compare the price then Pulsar 220 F is much better option. Pulsar 220 F is also more powerful with 21 Bhp on tap in Comparison to Karizma ZMR's 17.6 Bhp and Yamaha R15's 17 Bhp. So, if you wanna pay less for more power then simply go for New Pulsar 220 F.
Engine Of New Bajaj Pulsar 2200 F
New Bajaj Pulsar 220 F gets all new 220cc oil cooled carburetored engine with 21 Bhp of power at 8500rpm and 19 NM of torque. Other changes to the engine insides include new combustion chamber, all new port geometry for optimized thermodynamics, new valve coat material to eliminate cardon formation, new design short skirt lower friction piston, an all new camshaft and 33% larger oil cooler.
Pulsar 220 F gets the performance boost with 32 venturi carburettor, the bigest ever used in India. In addition, the intake port in the cylinder head has been modified, along with higher lift and duration cam. A larger resonator and catalytic convertor is also used to increase performance. It also uses temperature based ignition mapping system through which the ignition timing is optimized to acheive good startability, quick warm up and outstanding torque. Pulsar 220 F features the standard five speed gearbox with one down and four up pattern.
New Bajaj Pulsar 220 F looks better and smart than the outgoing model. It features all the ‘all-black’ theme like the recently launched new pulsar 150 & 180. Starting from the forks, swingarm, wheels and engine are all in a rich shade of black and that makes the bike look much leaner and meaner. It is the most stylish bike available in India after the Yamaha R15 & Karizma ZMR. Though it resembles its siblings in most sense the voluminous front fairing and the fairing mounted mirrors distinct the new Pulsar 220 F from others.
It comes with six spoke alloy wheels, stylish body panels, clear lens indicators and exposed chain. It offers a little under-seat storage cubby that can be unlocked via a cable release located under its lockable side panel. The new Pulsar 220 F also get the new 3-D graphics, redesigned console background and slightly revised clip-on handlebars. The tachometer face has also changed, while both front and rear brake callipers are now finished in gold.




  3. Bajaj Pulsar 220 is the latest bike of Pulsar series. This bike has 4-stroke engine, it provides maximum Power of 21.04 @ 8500 (PS @ rpm), Torque 19.12 @ 7000 (Nm @ RPM). This bike has great features and specifications.